Thanks for being willing to send referrals! This helps us expand our mission and reach more impact driven leaders - just like you...

How will you spot an ideal client Hands-Off CEO?

Our ideal client is a B2B service-based business with a track record of proven (and BIG) results for their clients. They have big growth goals for the business, but have hit a ceiling that is preventing additional growth.

Typical industries:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Operations consultancies
  • Product development firms
  • Growth consultancies
  • SaaS companies in any of these arenas.

Time in business:

3-20 years

Team members:

2-20 staff (solo is ok if they’re 100% ready to build a team) 

Proven results:

  • As a top industry expert, they typically can generate growth in the millions for their clients.
  • Website may include case studies showcasing impressive results.
  • They may or may not yet have an industry focus.


  • A very successful consultant who wants to scale, or CEO of a service agency with a team of 2-20.
  • A mature, cutting edge expert, often 40-55 years old.


  • Has an abundance mindset, and is open to acceleration tools such as manifesting, spirituality, and connecting to the work to purpose.
  • Has a big WHY - it’s not just about making money.
  • Growth goal of $1m+ ($5-10m goals are even better) and have the space in his/her life to make scaling a priority;

A list of things you might hear them say (to help you identify them “in the wild”):

  • “I’m so busy serving clients that I have no time to market or network.”
  • “We need to charge more, but our clients won’t pay more.”
  • “We need more high quality clients.”
  • “I can’t find anyone to hire that cares about the business as much as I do.”
  • “We don’t yet have the cash flow to afford top level staff.”
  • “I feel like if I want it done right, I have to do it myself.”

What should I do next? How can I make an introduction?

Know of someone who could benefit from Scale to Freedom? Send them our way by making a warm introduction. We’ve made it easy for you by drafting an email that you can copy and paste and send from your email.

  1. Copy and paste the email in the blue box below, sending to both your referral and to Mandi Ellefson at mandi@handsoffceo.com.
  2. Customize the email where we’ve indicated and do what feels right to make the email on brand for you.

Subject: A gift for you, NAME + introduction

Hi —,

My mentors at Hands-Off CEO are hosting an invite only 2022 Agency Planning Workshop Event. They have allowed me to give a complimentary ticket to a top level consulting agency CEO. As your client’s results are so exceptional, I thought of you. Would you like to join me?

Here is what the planning workshop will cover: 

  1. 42 Point – Agency Scalability Assessment (otherwise only available in our Scale to Freedom program)
  2. Workshop covering Scale to Freedom™ growth framework to scale an agency to $100k/mo. Then $100k/mo in profit.
  3. Set 2022 Growth Targets benchmarking against hundreds of consulting agencies. Determine aggressive, but reasonable targets based on current internal resources.
  4. Customize Growth Plan for where to focus to hit growth targets. How to safeguard an agency from wild market fluctuations like we’ve seen recently.

It’s virtual so no, traveling. I have cc’d Mandi and Jen who can send over details about dates, and how to participate.

[your salutation]


What happens after I send the introduction?

We’ll follow up with each referral you send us, treating them as a VIP. 

  1. We’ll respond to your introduction email, taking care to copy you and acknowledge your generosity and the results you’re getting in the program.
  2. We’ll invite them to complete an application, explaining that we’re very choosy about our clients (and why they should be too).
  3. We’ll invite them to the next natural step for them. Sometimes this will be an upcoming Executive Briefing, an annual Planning Workshop, and sometimes it will be an individual consult with a member of our team.
  4. If it's not a fit, we will share insights and free resources to help them to their next level.

A referral is the best compliment you can possibly give and is always appreciated!

Thank you!