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HOCEO Podcast E75

Biggest Mistakes Scaling to $1M and Beyond – E75

There are plenty of mistakes you can make while scaling your service business, and if you’re having trouble scaling to the next level, chances are you’re making the biggest one. This is content that Mandi has been working on for years, and that has been used to help businesses vastly increase their profitability. Listen in to find out what the biggest mistake in scaling is – and how to avoid making it in your own business. 

You’ll hear Mandi talk about:

  1. What is happening in the global marketplace that is impacting how services are sold, and what people are willing to pay for them. [01:50]
  2. How you can increase market share and your prices by leading with quantifiable results. [04:05]
  3. Thinking through your business failure points and what might prevent you from hitting it out of the park with a client. These are your screening points for who you work with. Turn away work that you can’t guarantee success for. [7:55]
  4. The questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you’re working with the right people, and able to provide the right results. [9:05]
  5. The value of certainty. We’re all willing to pay more for what we’re sure is going to work. [11:30]



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Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson helps service businesses with the tricky task of becoming scalable. Her passion is helping freedom seeking entrepreneurs scale the better way– for success in their business and in the rest of their life. Out of a decade+ experience and testing as a business manager, and then building and selling a design business, Mandi has created a system that is responsible for generating tens of thousands of dollars of new revenue for businesses she's worked with.

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