EXECUTIVE BRIEFING - 5 Exits to Scale to $100K/mo Profits… and Beyond

Scale the Right Growth, Step Back From The Day To Day, and Grow Your Agency Fast.

Reserve your seat for this 60 minute Executive Briefing that will open your mind to a radically effective way to scale your consulting agency.

IMPORTANT: This is only for CEOs of consulting agencies with a proven track record, and tangible results and case studies. (Your second in command can attend with you.) **If you are a newbie, a coach, or sell low value services this is NOT for you.** Please do not take up a seat.  



"Everything you've shared is the well worn path to actually scale your business. And that's why we've been able to scale [our agency] so fast in a five year period where we have a $40 million run rate with one niche market, with one product, one offer. And because of this structure, we've been able to build and scale and even guarantee revenue."

- John Logar, Agency CEO, Consulting unleashed

To Build a Multi-Million dollar Hands-Off CEO Business that Can Run and Grow with Less Reliance on You as the CEO we recommend to…


  • Double gross profit with the right focused offer 
  • Generate the CASH to exceptional leaders 
  • Develop an Operations Manager to run the business so you can grow it

At our next Executive Briefing, we’ll show you how other successful consulting agencies have done just that.

Examples of CEOs Scaling 7-Figure Hands-Off Businesses...


  • Successful digital agency owner doubled sales in 7 months, with less reliance on him. 
  • Research Agency added $1M in 12 months (even with intense pressure from the pandemic with clients postponing contracts.)
  • A Consulting Agency CEO went from $600k to $2.1M in 12 months, then scaled to $4M. 
  • CEO of a brand marketing agency increased fees 600% from $20k to $120k. Profits increase as he scales and cuts his time working IN the business in half.

The Executive Briefing shows you how to break free from this endless cycle that traps you with more growth…

Capacity - Growth Trap

Those following this plan have also...


  • Built a team that can run the business without them for weeks
  • Business became “bliss and zen”
  • 100% trusts the team to run the business without them
  • Got their weekends back
  • Got the company to run for nearly a year 100% without the CEO...then sold the business for a massive profit
  • Cut onboarding service costs by 67% while doubling fees
  • Went from working until 1am every day, now to just 10 hours per week
  • Started another successful company and works less than 40 hours per week...total
  • Doubled their leads after implementing step 2 of the plan

Stop working as hard to generate growth. Start scaling with more ease, and let us show you exactly how to make quantum leaps in your own business.

Tom Shapiro

“Being part of Scale to Freedom helped us double our agency in 7 months. But what was remarkable was that this happened during a very challenging personal time for me. Our team completely stepped up and took care of everything! I didn’t have to worry about any deliverables, any accounts, they were on top of everything, and keeping clients completely happy. Being a Hands-Off CEO is very blissful. I am so much more relaxed these days because I can count on my team to crush it for our client. I believe in them 100% and it’s just a very calming way of existing.” 

–Tom Shapiro, Stratabeat, Boston, MA



Last year I had gross revenue around $600,000. Working with Hands-Off CEO this year we reached $2.1 million for the year. So, pretty happy with 3 1/2 times growth.”

UPDATE: They are now over $4MM in annual sales in 4 years. They acquired a second business, and just added $100k of  new profit to the business.

–Philip Nickerson, Aqua Production Systems, CANADA



“We continue to lower my percentage of the delivery. Rather than selling one product at a time, our new package enables us to sell a higher level retainer package giving us greater cash flow. We're now selling retainer packages into the six figures."

– Mark Arnold, On The Mark Strategies, Houston, TX



Create exponential and rapid growth in your already successful consulting agency so you can reach the expansive profit goals...without feeling married to your business.

Who Are We?

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About Mandi

Mandi Ellefson is the Founder of Hands-Off CEO. Over the years, she has tested and refined the Scale to Freedom™ growth framework to double (or more) consulting retainers and scale agencies to $100k/mo of sales. Then to $100k/mo of profits. Accelerating growth, without the CEO being the only person driving the growth. She is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has helped consulting agencies increase cash flow, equity, and even sell their business.